ab negative

at least one dead guy in the back or somewhere...

We were tasked with the production of the opening titles for the crime thriller feature film AB Negative.

The clip features a centerpoint of the film, a black, weathered truck driving down the A4 motorway in London as the camera slowly catches up, follows and finally swings by to arrive to the
first scene of the film trough a rusted opening on the back of the van.
After the initial motion and storyboard design our team had to recreate the truck used in the film down to the very last detail with a working rig for the secondary animations. Having the
modeling and texturing work done on the van, we built a fully CGI A4 motorway section from photo references that allowed us to move freely in the scene and craft catchy camera movements that
grab attention and help to immerse the audience.

A film directed and produced by: Neil Horner – Imagaynation ( imdb: AB Negative (2015) )
Production, rendering, animation and motion graphics desgn by: The Greypixel Workshop