With an artistic approach and technical finesse, we turn ideas into powerful images. Images that tell, and sell.

A digitized product is a great marketing resource, but it also helps the buyers of the product directly.
Ideal material for online catalogues, brochures, webshops and guidebooks with consistent lighting and color quality.
Add emotions to dry technical data! Shape customer mood with tailor-made lifestyle imagery.
A cost-effective tool for calibrating the product versions, materials and other aspects, even on the go.
From product demos to commercials and assembly videos, there are a lot of special cases where moving pictures simply work better. Let us design a memorable visual experience for your clients with us.

“We don’t produce, we create. The sophistication of
our work that makes our partners truly impressed.”

Sometimes you need a sterile studio image of your product, rendered into a white background, to keep things absolutely clear, to have a definition of the object you are presenting. This is the usual starting point of visual communication.

The cornerstone, that has to be placed carefully and precisely. This is the theoretically perfect version of your product.

But you often need your product to come alive in a real environment as well. Sometimes you need perfection, but life itself is not perfect: life is in the roughness around the edges. Life is in the dirt, it’s in the cracks. Life is chaotic, random, and spontaneous.

The Greypixel Workshop proudly provides prime 3D modelling services, simple but high-end white background images, and outstanding, vivid lifestyle images as well.

Our clients said:

“The Greypixel Workshop provides high quality, especially in architectural and product visualization. Most of our suppliers are foreign, so it is relatively rare for us to entrustconstruction to a domestic company.”

– Márton Szabó, CEO at Q&C Hungary Kft.

“We have worked with Greypixel on numerous big projects for some of the largest brands and clients in the world. They make our jobs easier when our clients are always delighted in the final product. We look forward to working together in the near future.”

– Neil Horner, CEO & Creative Director
at Imageynation Ltd.

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